Throughout my career, I’ve dedicated myself to meaningful projects that enhance health, welfare, and conservation, showcasing my commitment to community and environmental well-being. My professional services span a wide range, from creative endeavors in advertising and marketing to contributing significantly to public safety and cultural events. My work in technology and innovation reflects a forward-thinking approach, integrating modern solutions into various projects. Recognition from esteemed media outlets underscores the acclaim for my diverse contributions, highlighting my dedication to excellence across all facets of my craft.

Healthcare & Wellness

  • BC Children’s Hospital Foundation
  • Annie’s Place Health Wellness Center

Conservation & Foundations

  • Artists for Conservation Foundation
  • Southern Stl’atl’imx Health Society

Professional & Corporate Services

  • US Army Corps of Engineers
  • First Nations Housing Infrastructure Council
  • Houlihan Lokey Investments

Public Safety & Awareness

  • WorkSafeBC
  • Foreshadow Films

Advertising & Marketing

  • DDB Advertising Agency
  • Red7 Advertising Agency
  • Strategic Media Agency
  • Stone Ward Advertising Agency
  • Planit Advertising Agency
  • Delphi Productions

Cultural & Community Development

  • Squamish Nation Business Development
  • Art Attack Vancouver

Creative Arts & Events

  • Art Rapture Events
  • Victor Pross Gallery

Media & Publications

  • Il Marco Polo Italian Newspaper
  • Good Life Connoisseur Magazine

Manufacturing & Innovation

  • Iron Age Manufacturing
  • C4 Innovations Inc
  • 3D Custom Foam Inc.

Pest Control & Property Services

  • Terminix Pest Control

Digital Media & Entertainment

  • Atom Shockwave – AtomFilms

Counseling & Wellness

  • Pinfield Counseling
  • Morningstar Transformations

Entertainment & Creative Services

  • Crescendo Entertainment
  • Creatix Studios

Travel & Leisure

  • Meyer-Franklin Travel

Employment & Recruitment


Education & Software

  • Animikii Software


  • 100.3 FM Victoria, BC

Health & Mainstream Services

  • Mainstream Health


  • Cahners Publishing

Retail & Consumer Goods

  • Teddyland Inc.

Production & Fabrication

  • Loewen-Behold Productions