Welcome to TheClayman.com, Founder Paul Moldovanos, a multi-disciplined creative professional with his diversified styles including cartoon and whimsy, fine art, graphic and character design, dimensional illustration, photography, sculpture, 3D and stop motion animation production. TheClayman.com provides full creative services from complex educational 3D and stop motion clay animations and dimensional 3D illustrations, to a variety of whimsical, entertaining character designs and development.

These animations can help your target audience effectively and clearly understand information your company or product needs to convey. Our team of associate animators bring with them decades of experience ensuring the best quality your money can buy. If you need world class, inviting, charming and memorable character designs, animation production services or eye popping 3D illustrations, we are happy to provide creative and customized solutions for your next educational, advertising or entertainment project.

TheClayman.com also offers professional photography services and specializes in events, festivals and portraits. With an eye for beauty, The Clayman has a special talent for capturing those subtle nuances that most will miss, combined with his years of experience as a photography editor, his unique skillsets ensures beautiful results.

Paul Moldovanos | Multi-Disciplinary Artist | 3D Animation | Photography | Production
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