Paul Moldovanos – The man behind

Paul Moldovanos – The Creative Force Behind

Paul Moldovanos – The Creative Force Behind

Meet The Clayman:

Paul Moldovanos, founder of, is a distinguished creative professional based on the picturesque west coast of Canada. His artistic journey is marked by versatility, covering a broad spectrum of disciplines including cartoon and whimsical art, fine art, graphic design, illustration, photography, sculpture, and animation production.

Paul’s journey in the world of art and animation has been varied. His initial acclaim came with his Toy Story parody clay cartoon being published in MAD Magazine, a milestone that set the stage for a flourishing career. The Clayman and Associates remarkable portfolio boasts collaborations with esteemed clients such as the US Army Corps of Engineers, the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, DDB Advertising Agency, and Artists for Conservation, among others. For larger productions, Paul’s extensive network allows him to team up with local and international industry professionals, assembling world-class teams to bring any project, regardless of its scale, to life within reasonable budgets.

Paul’s foray into clay stop motion animation began under the mentorship of Lisa Jane Gray and David Bowes at Bowes Productions. His apprenticeship there laid the foundation for his expertise in this unique medium, contributing to projects for Pharmasave, Lotus Awards, BCAA, and Fuji TV’s Hiroki Pontiki’s Tongue Twister shorts. His collaboration with Lisa Jane Gray on several projects is a testament to his commitment to the art form and his capacity to foster creative partnerships. studio has been featured on platforms such as Vancouver’s City TV “Breakfast Television”, CHUM Television’s “VILand Parade”, Canwest Global’s “Go”, and Partner’s in Motion’s “Very Odd Jobs”.  Paul’s creative direction have also been celebrated on numerous popular industry blogs.

Paul extends his heartfelt gratitude to the many talented friends, colleagues, and partners he has worked with over the years. His career, enriched by these collaborations, continues to be a journey of artistic exploration and excellence. Paul looks forward to rekindling past partnerships and embarking on new creative ventures.

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